Frame Damage

Frame Damage

If you have ever been into a car accident that wasn’t just a fender bender, chances are you experienced frame damage. If your car is pulling to the left or right and the panels just aren’t properly fitting; that would also be another reason to take your vehicle in. If the frame is not straightened, you are likely going to experience issues in the future.

If you have new tires and have done an alignment but your wheels are still pulling, you should have a professional take a look and see if your vehicle needs any frame straightening. Just be prepared for the potential cost and labor to make the proper corrections that your car needs because it’s not an easy fix.

You could always look up a “How to Straighten Car Frame” online, but you aren’t in the business of being your own mechanic. You will also realize how unbelievably unsafe it is to try and straighten your own frame because you are running the risk of being unable to steer or brake accurately when trying to drive. But even if you still have the intention of doing it yourself; the cost of the equipment alone will outweigh just having it taken care of in a shop. The cheapest frame straightener is about $6,000 dollars!

So what does the Frame Straightening Machine do you say?

Well, it is a machine that uses hydraulics and torque to bend your frame back to a safe position.  Something that no average human is capable of. As a vehicle owner, it’s important to know that most cars are designed with “crumple zones”. This is to ensure that the energy of the collision is transferred to the car, rather than to you and your precious passengers. Because of that, it is always important to have an estimate done with your mechanic; even a low impact can do significant damage.

Cost aside, improper frame repair is a dangerous mistake to live or in this case drive with. The integrity of the car’s structure is compromised. Therefore the same accident that caused the frame damage before can be worse the second time around. Moral of the story, leave your car frame repair to the professionals!

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