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With our expert team, we ensure top-notch fleet condition through inspections, tune-ups, maintenance, and repairs.

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Fleet Services

Our goal is make our partnership’s life easier by spending less time in the shop and more time in the field. We offer free pick up and drop off. The convenience part is a real matter and time saver.

We are designed to keep your fleet in top condition with our professionals team. They do inspections and tune ups, maintenance routines (like oil changes, tire rotations) and take care of repairs when sometimes it happens.

Eventually, fleet vehicles wear down and occasionally are involved in accidents that just can’t be recovered from. Getting rid of an old or wrecked car is a huge hassle and an interruption to your day-to-day business functions. Fortunately, fleet services can take care of this for you.

& More

We’re also an authorized U-Haul dealer, meaning we offer rental services at your convenience. We carry trucks, vans, and moving trucks sizes, 10′ and 15′, available for pick up 24/7.

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Keep your fleet in top condition

Pick up & drop off options

Save you time, money & manpower

Reduce cost and down time with PDR massage technique

Recognized and valuable partnership with U-Haul (3+ years)

Testimony from u-haul

by Anthony LaNatte

Uhaul uses Dentfinish to repair all of our pickup and van fleet. Dentfinish is an excellent and reliable partner with Uhaul that I highly recommend. Ros always goes the extra mile to ensure our units are safe and presentable at a very affordable price. We use them for our entire pickup and van fleet. His estimates and repairs are completed quickly so we can provide our communities with the equipment they need. You can not go wrong with choosing Dentfinish as your business partner.

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